I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, I hold an MSE in Integrated Product Design as well as a BSE in Mechanical Engineering.

Design and inventing has been a passion of mine since I was 7 years old when I first sketched designs for a hovercraft and a teleportation unit.  I have always loved building things and in college I was finally able to begin honing my skills in design and manufacturing as can be seen on this website.  I have a deep love for consumer electronics and intend on focusing on that early in my career.  In my senior year of college I discovered that my love of cycling extended into the creation realm as well and I am very intrigued by the industry of urban transportation and want to do more work in that field.  Later in life I want to get more involved in energy creation and use, materials and recycling, and food generation and storage.  Greater efficiency and solid legislation surrounding these areas will be key to the survival of our species as our population begins to strain natural resources.

At my core I guess you can call me a dreamer and a slight idealist.  I hope that my ideas and excitement for the future can lead to a brighter future for myself and for all humans.