Alpha is a custom designed bicycle meant to challenge the standard for commuter cycling and lead the way to new innovations within the industry of bike components. It was created for my senior design project with a team of 4 other engineers.  We worked for over 2000 hours to design and fabricate Alpha. The main …


Wireless Variable Wave Speaker

I created this wireless speaker for my second mechatronics lab.  I designed the enclosure, designed and built the circuitry to drive the cone and wrote the code that accepted the wireless transmission and drove the speaker. There is a microprocessor on the top with a wireless board that receives a signal from a master computer …

Full Angled


I created this set of urns for my final project in design fundamentals. The concept behind the set is that two loved ones will be connected even after death.  I took inspiration from ballet dancers and acrobatics.  Just as in love, the two urns cannot stand without the other.

Front Turned

Pivoting Planes

This project was an exploration in shapes and the transition between sharp geometric objects to smooth curvilinear ones.  I designed two shapes in Adobe Illustrator and used the blend tool to join them over 25 sections.  I then laser cut those sections out of paper and assembled them into a cedar block. I then took …



I built this luminaire during my design fundamentals course.  It is an assembly of 3 stellated dodecahedrons connected via tabs and a little glue.  The concept was to create paper forms without removing any paper, hence the cuts and folds but no holes.  We displayed them to the public during Philly Works; they hung outside …

Philly Works


The third project in my advanced manufacturing class was to make use of our CNC lathe to create an original chess set.  We were split up into teams of four and told to choose a general design aesthetic and then individually design pieces.  My team was very pleased with the outcome of our designs.  Using …


Aluminum Pepper

The second project for my advanced manufacturing and design course was focused on learning how to use the CNC mill that we have in our shop.  We were told to design a piece that would make use of a variety of tools with a complicated shape.  I took my inspiration from my love of Chipotle …


Klein Bottle

The goal of this project was to explore the capabilities of additive manufacturing using an FDM 3D printer.  We were told to create an object that would be unmanufacturable using conventional techniques.  I decided to create a Klein bottle, a mathematical object similar to a Möbius strip except that it has no boundary.  I designed the …


Music Machine

The Volcano, as my team of 3 calls it, is a self automated music machine that was created during the course MEAM 511, introduction to creative thinking course. It was a project that demanded a machine be entirely mechanical and able to play music for 45 seconds. I designed the ball release mechanism which is …


Glass Working

These pieces were created during the winter of my junior year. I spent 4 hours at a glass blowing studio in Boston and during that time created these two paperweights. Each one is the size of a fist and weighs close to 1 kilogram. The coloring inside is colored glass that was gathered over the …